Enhanced Driving Skills

Enhanced Driving Skills

enhanced driver training

Enhanced Driving Skills are a range of courses that you can and possibly should take after you have passed your initial driving test. Many insurance companies will look favourably if you have completed these and will offer you further car insurance discounts

Pass Plus is a must for all newly qualified drivers

Motorway driving course is additionally a much needed course particularly if you have not driven on the motorway and are particularly nervous about doing so.

Your London Driving Schools provides a wide range of driving lessons and courses in London to cater for drivers wanting to take their driving ability to the next level, whether it be for work, confidence, or because you are an overseas driver, new to London or to gain insurance discounts. Learn more about the smart programs designed by LDS London Driving School to polish up your driving skills. These programs will help you choose the best compatible option for yourself and your driving experience or needs.

Refresher Lessons / Drive Confident

Pass Plus Driving Course

Motorway Driving Course

Driving Lessons for Overseas Drivers or non uk residents

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Need a Driving Test in London

Need a driving test in London? We have access to Late Cancellation Driving Test Dates across London. Read more about the practical Driving Test in this useful guide.

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