Career as a driving instructor

Career as a Driving Instructor

London Driving Instructor Course

The London Driving Instructor for training (LDI) is a course designed for the individual to become a professional driving instructor and have liberty of working with their own schedule with great earning potential. After becoming an instructor individual can start working and earning immediately.

You can study at your pace to fit your lifestyle while training. The course completion normally takes 6 to 18 month’s time.

The minimum age limit to join any LDI course is 21 years, along with a valid driving license with a minimum of 3.5 years. You require dedication for learning, skills to educate your students, remaining composed, emotional control and trust generating for others. Visual accuracy to read number plate from a distance of 90ft / 27.5m is also required for this course.

Course’s Cost

You can either pay for each module separately or you can also submit the entire course for all parts in advance, making a significant saving for the course.

Franchisee for London Driving School

Once after course accomplishment, priority treatment is given when you will apply for an LDS franchise Driving School. This would enable you to immediately start new business, along with the branding and support of the LDS and the reputation of working with LDS.

Fee discount for Franchise

To facilitate your new business startup, we give discount in franchise fees up to £1,500 (Initial 6 Months) if you are a LDS trained instructor.

Career in Drive Instructing

Your career as a driving instructor is waiting for you. If you wish to gain this opportunity, then you can call us on 0208-181-9209