Top ten driving test failures

Top Ten Driving Test Failures in London 2018

Here at London Driving School we want you to pass your practical driving test first time.

Top ten driving test failuresBut quite often people do not pass their practical driving test the first, second or even third time. More often than not it is because they have made one of the many common driving errors or mistakes. Many can be construed as minor, serious or dangerous faults depending on the severity.

The three types of driving test faults area as follows:

  • Minor: Not potentially immediately dangerous, but if you continue to make the same minor fault throughout your practical driving test it could become a serious fault. You can have a maximum of 15 minors and still pass your test
  • Serious: Anything that could potentially be dangerous, which is an absolute driving test failure.
  • Dangerous: Anything that puts you or the examiner, another person or property into a dangerous situation. Unsurprisingly, if you rack up one of these you will fail your test straight away and your test will generally end there.

So here is a list of the top ten most common reasons for people failing their practical driving test:

  • 1.Bad judgement at junctions – One of the most common driving mistakes made during the driving test is turning at a junction when it is not safe to do so. Usually it is failure to spot a motorbike or cyclist.
  • 2. Not using the wing mirrors – Another very common driving test failure reason. You can do all of your manoeuvres perfectly but if you do not use some or all of your mirrors this will be a fault every time and if you do not use them and then you a involved in a near miss this can then be marked as a major fault.
  • 3. Poor steering – Poor steering can get you into loads of trouble especially if you are carrying out any of the special manoeuvres such as parallel parking or reversing round corners or into parking spaces.
  • 4. Bad positioning when turning at junctions – Quite common and this minor fault could also relate to poor control. The most common mistake is cutting a corner or steering the opposite way prior to steering into the road and is quite often also down to too much speed and being in the wrong gear and also now entering into a cycling box.
  • 5. Not obeying traffic lights or road signs – We have all done it but failure to recognize the light has change or you have a special filter arrow for your line is another common driving test failure. Another one is a sign may say no left turn or no entry or bus lane and this is also ignored.
  • 6. Moving off from a stationary position – Another common failure is not being in control when moving off, stalling or rolling back is on an incline additionally swinging out too wide and not checking your mirrors and blind spot.
  • 7. Driving to close to kerb or other cars – It is sometimes very difficult to appreciate the width of your car but again this is a big reason for some people failing their driving test. It is usually about driving too close to the kerb, parked cars or moving cars in your or another lane.
  • 8. Reverse parking – Some fo us take ages to master the art of reversing especially around corners and into parking spaces but unfortunately this makes the top 10 driving test failures also. Many examples are people hitting the kerb, ending up to far away from the kerb, hitting cars or other objects or not being within a parking space.
  • 9.Not obeying road markings – Similar failure as not obeying signage and lights but this one is road markings. Common test mistakes are crossing solid white lines, pulling over and stopping on zig zag lines, stopping on a hatched area and failure to follow direction road markings.
  • 10. Crossing the central line when turning right – And finally the last top 10 reason for failing your driving test is crossing the central line when turning right. Unless there is a filter lane you should never cross over the central line if you are waiting to turn right. You should b=never hinder traffic coming the other way and is a sure fire way to get your front end taken off.


You can book a test using the DVSA fast track phone service if you’re an approved driving instructor (ADI).


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NOTE: You will need to have passed your driving theory test before taking your practical test.

How to Book, Change or Cancel your driving test

See our Top Driving Test Tips for passing your driving test in London


Driving Test Centres in London and Surrey

Morden Driving Test Centre

  • 10 Tudor Drive
  • Morden
  • Surrey
  • SM4 4P

Croydon Driving Test Centre

  • 111 Canterbury Road
  • Croydon
  • Surrey
  • CR0 3HH

Tolworth Driving Test Centre

  • Douglas House 1b Douglas Road
  • Tolworth
  • Surrey
  • KT6 7RZ

Wallington (Mint House) Driving Test Centre

  • Mint House 6 Stanley Park Road
  • Wallington
  • Surrey
  • SM6 0PY

Isleworth Driving Test Centre

  • Worton Hall
  • Worton Road
  • Isleworth
  • TW7 6ER

Hither Green Driving Test Centre

  • 42-44 Ennersdale Road
  • Hither Green
  • Greater London
  • SE13 6JD

Mitcham Driving Test Centre

  • Redhouse Road
  • Mitcham
  • Surrey
  • CR0 3AQ

Sutton Driving Test Centre

  • Helena House, 348 High Street
  • Sutton
  • Surrey
  • SM1 1PU

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