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It is proven that combining quality lessons with private practice increases the learner driver’s chances of passing their test first time. That is why learner driver insurance is such a valuable resource for those who are approaching their driving test.

Learner driver insurance is a specialist insurance designed to allow those learning to drive a chance to practice what they’ve learned in lessons, with an accompanying driver (usually a friend or family member). It acts as a separate top-up policy to the car owner’s main insurance policy, meaning there is no effect to car owner’s no-claims bonus in the event of an accident!

InsureLearnerDriver can provide comprehensive temporary learner driver insurance to people aged between 17 – 40. The vehicle used for practice can either be borrowed or owned by the learner driver. There are no curfews imposed, meaning the learner is free to practice whenever, wherever.

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Car Insurance London Lowdown

How to get cheap car insurance in LondonThe past few years have been tough in regards to acquiring car insurance. Difficult and rigid economic conditions meant that the majority of us were financially restricted in choosing the best deals, and with car insurance prices rising, things were made even harder. This year was hoped to be the year that prices finally came down. Lo and behold, after years of steady rises the cost of car insurance is at last falling.

According to a survey by insurance comparing site and professional services company Towers Watson, car insurance prices are falling by over 7 percent.

It may come as a surprise to those stuck in the age of women being prejudiced as bad drivers and therefore forced to pay more in car insurance; however there has been a gap between men and women in car insurance prices, with the former paying more than the latter. This gap has continued into 2012, and men pay on average £110 more than women for car insurance.

How to get cheap car insurance in London

Get cheap car insurance in LondonThe elderly pay the least amount of money for car insurance, which will come as a surprise for those assuming elderly drivers to be a hazard on the road and the age group that will most likely lead to you seeking road accident compensation Elderly drivers unpredictably pay an average of just £426 a year and also enjoy the biggest year-on-year dip.

On the other end of the life scale, young drivers pay the most for comprehensive car insurance, at just under £2,500.

Nevertheless, generally the news is good with the dip in prices continuing into the second half of 2012. May it continue to do so.

How to Negotiate Your First Time Driver Car Insurance

Insureyour car for cheaper in LondonStarting out as a new driver can be incredibly expensive, but when it comes to your first car insurance policy it definitely pays to drive carefully and do your research about the various insurance premiums on offer. We’ve put together a short list of things to remember when negotiating your first insurance deal:

Get third party cover against fire and theft

Learner driver insurance in LondonThis is the bare minimum of cover that you require in order to drive legally. This covers you against damage done to the car via fire and the theft of the car itself – it doesn’t cover against driver error.

A clean driving license

The more sparkling the halo over your driver’s license, the less you’ll pay. Why end up out of pocket because of careless driving? If you do your bit to be a good driver, then you’ll find the car insurance quotes that you want to pay!

Drive a modest motor

How to lower the cost of car insurance in LondonLess powerful and luxurious cars are frankly cheaper to insure. The less sporty your vehicle, the less likely you are to get yourself into a fender bender. The less glamorous your vehicle, the less the cost of the repairs should you happen to get into an accident.

Stay away from cars that are perceived as boy racer type vehicles. AN EXAMPLE is a modest Ford Ka 1.3l car which will cost about £1,400 (as a 18 year old driver) where as the more sporty looking Renault Clio despite having a smaller less powerful engine (1.1l) will cost you nearly double at about £2,700. Remember insurance is based on the history of vehicle types and the accidents and the number of thefts of those types of cars. So if you have a highly desirable car you will pay more in your insurance premiums. What’s More Stay away from these cars until you have years and miles of driving experience under your belt and you will save yourself lots of money. In general the bigger the engine the more expensive your car insurance will be.

Road Tax in London

Don’t forget about road tax, check what category your vehicle is in, there is a potential here also to save hundreds of pounds if you are savvy. And there is a correlation between road tax and insurance prices, so choose wisely.

Sometimes paying in full can save you money

London Car Insurance DealsIf you can pay the full cost of your insurance in one go, instead of paying in monthly increments, then go for it!

Did you know that the European Court of Justice recently ruled that it’s sexual discrimination for insurance companies to charge lower premiums to women, the reason being that women get into far fewer motor accidents? What do you think of this – are you a guy who’s happy to pay less on his first car insurance deal? Are you maybe a woman who thinks the ruling is fair, or even a women who thinks the ruling is totally unfair. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Learning To Drive

London Learner driver insuranceLearning to drive will often be one of the most rewarding experiences you will undertake. Driving a car gives independence and freedom to explore – some of the best places to visit can be inaccessible by public transport. Cars can also offer security and peace of mind as you are available in an emergency.

However, learning to drive can be very stressful and expensive too – the cost of lessons, tests, and the car itself all have to be budgeted for. There are many ways of saving money during the learning process – let’s look at a few.

First and foremost, you should make sure you enrole with an excellent driving school. Accredited, reputable schools will have well-trained, personable, qualified instructors that will ensure you get the most out of every lesson and be able to balance the teaching and practicing sides of learning to drive. They will also be able to help you through any specific problem areas such as nerves, helping you get on the road swiftly and safely.

Getting a better insurance deal

Get a better insurance dealInsurance is another area where big savings can be made – make sure at renewal time you collect your policy details together and visit a few websites the compare car insurance quotes. Even learner drivers can make big savings here, and with the Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE laws) coming into play shortly, it’s important to get the right insurance for your car.

When you are learning to drive, as well as teaching you to drive well and safely, a reputable driving school will give you tips on how to drive efficiently too. Keeping your car maintained and serviced will save you the unpleasant surprise of a big bill at the garage. Planning journeys will save wasted fuel from driving round looking for the place you’re going to, and being gentle with your accelerator and brakes will save fuel and be more comfortable for you and your passengers.

Above all, enjoy it! A good instructor will make the process of learning to drive simple and fun – and bask in the sense of achievement when you finally rip those L-plates up!

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