Motorway Driving Courses

Improve Your Motorway Driving

End of Motorway signageIf you are uncertain about driving on motorway after passing your test then refresh and increase your skills and confidence with LDS Motorway Lessons.

You can reserve two or more hours for motorway driving with our one professionally-qualified instructor, accompanied by workbook for motorways that contains important highway information code and guidelines.

How motorway lessons work

You can reserve a two hours at least for inside car lessons, and receive precious feedback and guidance from instructor. Also receive workbook for motorways that contain Highway Code, exercises, other important information and finally a quiz. You can always book additional lessons for motorway driving if you desire.

Motorway Sign Lane closes in 800 yardsBenefits of motorway lessons

  • Achieve enhanced skills and techniques for a safer driving on motorway.
  • Get familiar with motorway driving rules and regulations.
  • Boost your motorways driving confidence


All of our Motorway lessons are applied with standard post-test rate with no discounts applicable.

More Course information

For further information and queries regarding motorway lessons, call us at 0208-181-9209.