Driving in London on a Non UK Driving Licence

Driving in London on a Non UK Driving Licence

Driving Lessons for Non UK Drivers

Driving Lessons for Overseas Drivers

How to get your provisional licenceIf you have arrived recently to London from the European Union or a European Economic Area you are allowed to drive on this driving Licence for only 3 years if you become a UK resident. If you have a full and valid driving licence from another country outside of the EU you can drive any small vehicle (e.g. car or motorcycle) listed on your driving licence for 1 year if your a resident or 12 months from when you last entered Great Britain.

Driving course for experienced Non UK drivers to gain confidence on London Roads

Driving on UK roads can take some time to get used to. Apart from driving on left, there is heavy traffic and dozens of roundabouts. If you’ve got driving experience from other regions or countries, our Non UK driving course will help you in adapting to the roads, driving and general rules of driving in London.

How much training you would require depends on level of your confidence, you past driving experience, and time spent in the UK.

Get refresher driving lessons in London

Course for Non UK driver’s to build confidence

Even if you are a tourist or not planning for a long stay in London, a short driving course will give you familiarity and confidence with driving with the same sense and manners as British drivers. After the driving course you’ll definitely feel better and more confident regarding driving on left, complex junctions, roundabouts, traffic, bus lanes, road signs, cycle lanes, UK driving etiquette, acceptable maneuvres and knowing all about parking.

If you are a driver from the EU (European Union) and the (EEA) European Economic Area you are fully licensed to drive in UK. All that Non UK Drivers will require to do is exchange their licence with a UK driving licence if you are planning on driving in the UK for more than a year (12 months).

After the deadline, you would need a provisional license of driving, which would enable you to drive while accompanied by an already UK licenced driver.

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