How to get around London

Getting Around London

How To Get Around London

Getting around London StreetsHighly regarded amongst the best cities in the world, there is much to see in London and much to do. From the obvious sites to the lesser known – but still spectacular – spots, London has a bit of everything for everyone.

Due to crowded trains and buses filled with commuters getting about the capital can be rather frustrating for travellers.
When there’s a will though there’s a way my friend and so here are the best ways to get around London.


It can be rather tiring, but for those staying in and around the centre of the city, there’s no way to get about London that’s more fun. Cyclers get to bypass both the heavy London traffic and the sweaty tube rush hour and with so many companies offering bike hire it can be a great way to see and get around London.

Cyclists need to be sure to wear a helmet however, as riding the roads without one can be fatally dangerous. Indeed there has been mounting pressure on the government for cyclists to wear helmets following the death of a young man outside the Olympic Park in Stratford. Cycling without one is therefore becoming more and more frowned upon in London.

Rent a Car tragically

Road ends street signageOf course, not all those visiting London will be based around the centre of the city. Furthermore, there are many spectacular attractions, activities, hotspots and sites to see that are relatively far away from the centre.

Therefore, some might find renting a car to be the best way of getting about the city. Tourists who are fortunate enough to have a car while visiting London, will also be able to take a little day trip to some of the other glorious cities of great Britain, such as Liverpool and Manchester.

There is the small matter of traffic however, and so it won’t be advisable for visitors in London to drive near the centre.

There are many places to hire cars in UK cities, with the capital holding the most.

How do you get around London?