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 Training Course for New Driving Instructor

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By getting registered with the instructor training course that we offer, you can become a successful instructor. This course includes tools for learning and techniques that help you polish your skills, which include comprehensive workbooks divided into sections of two hours each. These workbooks consist of information regarding marketing and business skills to assist you once you have qualified. Furthermore, there are arranged meetings with fellow learner, home study elements, lesson plans and practice sessions.

To be an instructor who is qualified and DSA (Driving Standards Agency) Approved, you must pass three sections of the DSA test.

Part I – Theory

When you work on the LDS Wimbledon manuals and workbooks from home, you are able to complete the course effectively and can arrange for your test when you are ready. Part I also consists of a test for hazard perception, in which you are supposed to watch video clips and identify hazards.

In Part I of your LDS Wimbledon training, you will receive 1-to-1 training with an LDS Wimbledon driving instructor for 5 hours.

Part II – Ability to Drive

This ability to drive module include practical driving lessons and has been prepared to provide your driving standard a boost; making it compatible to the required standard of the DSA (Driver Vehicle Testing Agency – DVTA – in Northern Ireland). Once again you will be required to get trained by one of LDS Wimbledon’s driving instructor trainer. Our instructor would prepare you completely for an hour long driving ability practical test.

For this test, you will have to demonstrate immaculate driving technique, consideration and anticipation of other users of the road. Part II requires 15 hours time of training in a 1-to-1 set up.

Part III – Ability to Instruct

For Part III, you are required to project your capabilities that prove that you can train others on driving skills. In a session of two and half hours, the examiner plays the role of the student and you are asked to instruct. This is a role-playing situation. In this module, you will receive 1-to-1 training for 40 hours with your LDS Wimbledon driving trainer.

One you have passed all the parts of DSA/DVTA test, you would achieve a green badge that would vouch for you to be a thoroughly qualified instructor.

There are a number of driving schools within our region that also use a pink badge that represents that you have qualified only for the first two parts of the test. The LDS Wimbledon only rewards instructors who are fully qualified; who have cleared all three sections and hold the prominent green badge.

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