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Driving Instructor Training

Every year we train thousands of people to become fully qualified driving instructors. One of our main competitors is Red instructor training, and many people will be considering training with them given the attractive promises that are made in their advertising.

So what should you bear in mind when considering the differences between the AA and Red?


The AA attracts new trainees primarily through the strength of its brand rather than through advertising.
Red spend millions of pounds advertising for new trainee instructors every year. This means their course fees are among the highest in the industry to help cover these costs.

Sales approach

The AA will give you answers to all your questions over the phone by one of their trained advisers.
Red will only give you all of the information you require if you attend a face-to-face interview, so it is less convenient for you.

Training programme

The AA provide 60 hours of guaranteed one-to-one tuition with a dedicated trainer at a time to suit you.
Red provide a combination of distance learning, classroom training and in-car tuition (one-to-one tuition is not guaranteed).


The AA publishes all its prices online in an open and transparent way. Our full training course normally costs only £2,400. See full details of our instructor training costs.
Red do not publish their prices on their website, but their current price is typically over £4,000.*

Franchise discount for instructor trainees

The AA offers a discount of £1,500 on your franchise fees spread throughout your first 6 months as an AA instructor.
Red provide a £1,000 cash back offer after your first 6 months as a Red franchisee.

Vehicle choice with franchise package

The AA provides its franchised instructors with a choice of either the Ford Focus 1.6 or Fiesta 1.4 (both with 5 doors), with diesel and automatic versions available as an optional extra.
Red provide a Vauxhall Corsa (3 door) with 5 door and automatic versions available as an optional extra.

Brand name

The AA is one of the most trusted brand names in the UK and deals with over 15 million members every year.
The Red brand name is not widely known outside the field of instructor training and driving tuition related services.

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