Hazard Perception Video

Video Introduction of London Driving School Hazard Perception Test

Hazard Perception LondonThis DSA Hazard Perception test video guide will explain to you the fundamentals of the hazard perception test DVD. If you wish to watch the London Driving School Wimbledon’s video introduction explaining the Hazard Perception test then please click on play below.

Beginner drivers in south LondonThe above video explains the working of the hazard perception test and tells what you are supposed to do. In this test, you will be provided with a series of every day road scenarios video clips. Every clip would contain a developing hazard whereas one clip would contain two hazards in developing form.

In order to score high, you must react during the initial part of the hazard that develops. The maximum that you can score is five points upon the correct identification of each hazard.

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The Theory Test

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