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Driving Schools in LoughtonLondon Driving Schools in Loughton IG10 is well known in providing quality and indepth driving lessons and courses. Here at LDS we have both male and female driving driving instructor who are highly qualified to train you in both manual as well as automatic cars. Our instructors in Loughton have designed their driving courses in a way that help students get the best driving skills from their lessons.

What makes us one of the best driving schools in Loughton

Your driving journey with Driving Schools in Loughton starts with practice on the quieter roads of Loughton. Our Driving Instructors in Loughton suggest this method to quickly increase the confidence levels of the learner driver and get them familiar with the basic car controls, such as use of mirrors, clutch control, gear changes, braking and steering. Devonshire Mews is the perfect place to start your lesson in Loughton.

After making sure that you are getting to grips with the basics and you are at ease with controlling the vehicle effectively your driving lessons will then move on to the relatively busier roads in Loughton.

This will give you a sample of different road conditions, layouts and driving hazards that a driver will potentially face during their driving test. The practice of left and right turn, reversing, parallel parking, emergency stop, free driving including clutch control, and speed controls when cornering and turning is all part of the practice and tuition you will receive during your lessons in Loughton.

Driving Instructors in Loughton

With our driving instructors in Loughton you do not need to worry about your driving test, we will make you sure you are fully practiced and experienced on all the roads that your test will be taken on, ensuring you know them thoroughly and have sampled the different hazards and obstacles that you may face on the day of your test.

Here are some smart Driving Test Tips for learner drivers in Loughton.

Our friendly driving instructors can provide the right advice and information to students who are confused or unsure on selecting the right driving course for them. More than 90% students at London Driving Schools Loughton pass their driving test in first attempt which is the proof of our ability and the quality of our tuition during our driving lessons.

Cheap Driving Lessons in Loughton

Students with London Driving Schools in Loughton enjoy:

  • The best Driving Lessons in Loughton,
  • Friendly instructors and supportive learning environment,
  • No car sharing for our drivers in Loughton,
  • Free Local pick up in Loughton,
  • DVSA approved learning material,
  • Thorough practice of driving during lessons,
  • Taste of all types of road conditions during learning.

Don´t wait to enjoy the freedom of driving. Join London Driving Schools Loughton IG10 for quality driving learning within your budget.

When it comes to making a choice our London Driving Schools in Loughton is the smart option.

Driving Courses in Loughton

We provide a range of driving courses in Loughton and driving lessons each carefully designed to help you achieve your driving licence in the quickest possible time in IG10

  • LDS Intensive Driving Courses Loughton, enable you to pass your driving test in just 2 weeks time whilst ensuring you are fully confident in your abilities on the road.
  • Refresher Driving Courses Loughton, ideal for those wanting to brush up on their driving skills.
  • Advanced Driving Courses Loughton, for those wanting to take their driving ability to the next level
  • Motorway Driving Courses Loughton for those wanting to gain extra confidence in their motorway driving abilities.
  • Pass Plus Driving Courses Loughton. to give you extra confidence once you have passed your driving test, along with substantial insurance discounts.

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Short Notice Driving Test Cancellations in Loughton

Pass your driving test in Loughton
You can book a test using the DVSA fast track phone service if you’re an approved driving instructor (ADI).


Need a Driving Test at short notice in Loughton? We can get a Late Cancellation Driving Test Date.

Last Minute Driving Test Car Hire and Bookings

We can provide emergency driving test vehicle hire. If you need a vehicle in Loughton to take your driving test in at short notice give us a call.

NOTE: You will need to have passed your driving theory test before taking your practical test prior.

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How to Book, Change or Cancel your driving test

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