Better understanding of traffic signs help safe driving

How to achieve a better understanding of traffic signals and signage

Understanding UK RoadsignsRoad signs are predominantly there to tell us of an impending hazards or obstacles. And that can be in the form of pedestrians, human or animal, road layouts such as sharp bends, rail tracks, roundabouts, bridges, dead ends, motorway, one way street etc. Secondly they are there to give us direction and or provide us with information regarding way finding or restrictions.

Some would say that our roads are filled with too many signs, and it is a bit of a nightmare trying to pay attention to the road signs and the road, other motorists, pedestrians and cyclists at the same time. However we feel about them they have mainly been put there because of an obvious danger or one that has subsequently been realised as a danger. Road signs come in 5 variations, which are:

Warning signs generally are triangular and come with a red border.

Signs Giving Strict Orders are circular and again are generally given a red border, but you can have white and green borders for those that are giving positive orders such as national speed limit or GO.

Directional Signs will be in blue or green and may contain red where there are hazards such as a low bridge or weight restrictions.

Information Signs will be generally blue but will feature sometimes feature red where charges or restrictions may apply such as congestion charge, controlled parking, bus lane and height restrictions, but don not always folow this rule as some can still incur fines or penalties.

Road Work Signs will generally be red and white for basic info and then yellow for more detailed information.

The rules on signage have been adapted to try and highlight certain things and to warn drivers of hazards particularly some that you can be penailised or fined for, so there is no hard and fast rule particularly if you live in a large city or town where councils like to charge you for offences that sometimes are not clearly defined.