Course Cost

Course Costs

There are three different payment options for the course of (DIT) Driver Instructor Training:

  • 1-Payment in Advance
    The entire course payment in advance that makes a significant savings on entire course. (In case of complete advance fee payment you save £000 in comparison with option 3)
  • 2-Payment in Installments
    Payment for the entire complete course but divided in four affordable installments, and is payable in consecutive four months.
  • 3-Payment per Module
    Payment for each module once you start training.

All course trainings are provided on individual basis. You will have the support and attention of a single trainer that is highly skilled and will be dedicated for you only, thus making you an exceptionally qualified driving instructor.

After your qualification as a trainer you will become entitled for a discounted franchise fees for the initial six months; which is £0,000.

Modes of Payment

Tuition Hours
Payment in Advance:
Overall course
Payment in Installments:
Quarterly payments (£000)
Payment per Module:
Part I – Theory
Part II – Driving
Part III – Instructional
Total cost for separate purchase
Total cost for separate purchase

The overall cost of training can be £000 or less.

Test fee

Apart from course fee you are also required to pay separately the test fees and registration to the DSA in order to obtain an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) license. Current fees:

ADI Part I – Theory £00
ADI Part II – Driving £000
ADI Part III – Instructional £000

For details, visit Driving Standards Agency website.