Hazard Perception Test

Free Online Hazard Perception Test

Here we have 12 x Hazard Perception Test Clips for you to watch and help you learn the fundamentals of the hazard perception test. As you will begin to learn from the video clips a hazard is basically anything that has the potential to be a hazard, even if that hazard has not been full realised yet. The essence of this test is to ensure that whilst you are driving you are also fully aware of your surroundings and therefore conscious of any potential hazards that you may be approaching. Initially whilst you are learning to drive, just the act of driving can take up most of your attention and this test ensure you can recognise what could be or become a hazard.

Such as Pedestrians, other vehicles, important road signs and obstacles.

See the Hazard Percetion Video Guide.

The Hazard Perception Test

In taking The Hazard Perception Test one is required to take the multiple choice theory test followed by a 3 minute break before the hazard test. At the test centre you are given a short tutorial, but here you can learn about the test, the hazards you will need to spot, and how you can prepare yourself to pass first time.

Hazard Perception Basics

To be given a pass you need to get at least 44 points from the 75 available. Points are awarded for correctly identifying hazards as they arise in the video clips in front of you. The hazards will all be little moments of action instead of the static potential hazards – such as junctions or traffic – lights you would have to consider when actually driving. Should you click on a potential hazard then there shall be scored at the rate of zero. In addition you will be scored zero if you click constantly, but your score goes up every time you spot the real hazard develop on the screen.

The test involves 14 individual video clips which each last around a minute. They have been filmed from the driver’s point of view and will all contain a hazard for you to click on. 13 of the videos have one hazard develop and one of them will have two to spot. However, you won’t get told which video has two hazards in it.

What is a Hazard

A hazard is defined as anything that would cause you, as a driver, to change direction, change speed or to stop. For the purpose of the test you will be looking for moving hazards that develop from a potential problem to an actual problem.There will be plenty of potential hazards – and as long as you don’t click randomly you will not be penalised for clicking on these. To pass the test you will, though, need to correctly identify the hazard that develops.

Examples of Hazards


  • Road signs, they often relate to a hazard ahead
  • Pedestrians
  • Blind Bends
  • Residential Streets
  • Children playing on the roadside
  • Road works
  • Traffic that isn’t moving
  • Bicycles and motorcycles
  • Broken down cars
  • Traffic restrictions
  • Any roads next to a school


  • Vehicles swerving between lanes
  • Cars that pull out in front of you
  • Pedestrians stepping out into the road
  • Cars that stop to park
  • Parked cars which force you into the centre of the road
  • Being forced out to the middle of the road by parking cars
  • Children who cross without looking
  • Farm traffic which blocks the road or slows traffic
  • Animals on the road
  • Emergency vehicles such as ambulances, police cars and fire engines
  • Cars that are joining or leaving motorways

When you see any of these hazards developing on your computer screen you must correct them immediately and identify a genuine hazard – instead of just a potential one – the more points you will score for that video. The points range from zero to five for each hazard, so it is possible to score ten points in the video that has two hazards to spot.

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