Free Online Theory Test

Free Online Theory Test

Free Theory Test

Free Theory Test & Everything You Need To Know

Made up of some fifty multiple choice questions, the Driving Standards Agency theory test has questions that come with a list of possible answers and during the test you will have to select either the single correct answer or all of the answers that match the question. The test itself lasts for 57 minutes and in order to pass you need the pass mark is 86%. This means that you need
to get at least 43 of the 50 questions correct.

The Exam

When you arrive at the test centre you will be shown a short video which will talk you through the details of the test. The DSA also gives you the chance to attempt a few practice questions – the test is done via a computer so that you are familiar the system.

Clicking through between questions is relatively straight forward. The touch screen lets you move between questions with the arrowed buttons at the bottom of the screen. Next you must select the correct answers by pressing on the screen next to the answer itself. This will highlight the answer in blue – so that you know it has been selected correctly – and if you realise you don’t actually want to select that answer you simply touch the button by the answer again and the blue highlight will disappear.

As some of the questions have more than one correct answer the computer will tell you when you have selected enough answers. Red text will flash in the top left hand corner of the screen telling you that you haven’t selected enough answers if you try to move on before the question is complete. If you try to move on again – without picking an extra answer – the computer will let you move on but the question will be recorded as unfinished.

You are able to go back to questions, as long as you have time remaining, and you can flag up any that you want to come back to. There is a review screen which when pressed will let you go back over every question from the beginning or you can go directly to the questions that you have either flagged or that the computer has realised are incomplete. The review screen is also used to end the test, but the test will automatically finish if you come to the end of your 57 minutes – the remainder of your time allowance will be visible at the right hand side of your monitor – up at the top.

Our Tips

Make sure that use the review screen to check that you have attempted all the questions as there is little point in leaving a question unanswered or missing out on points because you have only given one answer to a question that requires more. Check that you have 50 completed questions even if you feel ready to end the test early.

Like any exam you have ever taken it is important to check your answers. If you get to the end and you still have time left then go back through as many questions as you can to check that you haven’t made any obvious mistakes.

After The Test

When you have finished the multiple-choice test you will be given a 3 minute break before you take the hazard perception video test.
The DSA will tell you your score for both the hazard perception test and the multiple-choice. They do not tell you the exact questions you got wrong or which hazards you missed. You may find it useful to check online afterwards to see if you can work out for yourself which questions you might not have got correct.

Should You Fail The Theory Test

If the worst happens and you fail the test, you will be able to re-take it. You will need to wait three working days before the DSA will let you re-book a test. In the meantime there are plenty of practice questions and mini-tests that you can use to get you ready for your next attempt.

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