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What to expect on your Driving Test – Video Guide

Driving Test Video Guide

The most comprehensive and helpful Driving Test Video that explains clearly exactly what to expect when you go to the test centre to take your Theory Test (Multiple Choice) and your Hazard Perception Test (Video) and then on to the actual practical driving test and even what to expect after including taking additional training such as the Pass Plus Driving Course which local councils may provide or provide some discounts and can help you save money on your car insurance.

Please click on other links above to view some sample theory test papers and example Hazard perception test video guides.

How to apply for your provisional driving licence.

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Our experienced London driving instructors can organise a driving test for you within 5-10 days, so you can obtain your driving licence quickly when you need it. So if you have recently failed your driving test in London for a few common or simple errors that were possibly down to nerves and things that happened on the day that were unforseen then we can make a booking for you with one of our test vehicles at any of the following London or South West Driving Centres:

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Need a driving test in London? We have access to Late Cancellation Driving Test Dates across London. Read more about the practical Driving Test in this useful guide.

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